Our Technology

Pick the payment technology that's right for your business.

Countertop Devices

You can choose from several state-of-the-art terminals that process the latest forms of payment, including EMV, NFC, and Apple Pay™.  We utilize the latest technology, allowing you to deliver faster and more secure transactions with less contact.  Our new  favorite is the wireless Dejavoo P3 which allows you to send a text payment link directly from the terminal.

Mobile Payments

If you have a smartphone, you can take a payment. Perfect for a business that’s always on the go or working out of a remote location. All mobile solutions come with Bluetooth EMV & NFC that allow you to accept contactless payments.  We also have mobile credit card terminals.

Virtual Terminals

Virtual terminals enhance your payment capabilities and turn your computers into secure, virtual assistants. They are the perfect solution for any business that needs the additional options of securely storing payment data and creating recurring payment plans.  Our Gateway solutions offer electronic invoicing via text or email as well as Hosted Payment Pages for online payments with or without a website. All gateways and associated equipment are fully compatible with Mac or PC. 

Integrated Point of Sale Systems

Need your payments to interface with your Practice Management System?  We offer solutions that can take the payment, post the payment into your patient's ledger and store the encrypted card information for future payments and recurring payment plans.  Open Dental user?  Click here for more information or to schedule a free Demo.