Zero Fee Solutions

Is Cash Discounting or Surcharging right for your business?

Some merchants prefer to pass credit card processing fees back to the consumer.  This is totally legal in all 50 states when done correctly through a merchant service provider.  Let us help you eliminate your fees!

Cash Discounting

With true cash discounting, merchants will increase their rates/fees by a small percentage and give the same percentage as a discount to cash paying customers.  Our technology will automatically calculate the amount given back to those paying with cash.

Reverse Cash Discounting

With Reverse Cash Discounting, any customer paying with a credit or debit card will have a small percentage added to the total amount as an "Admin Fee".  If the customer would rather avoid the "Admin Fee" they can pay with cash and receive a discounted price.  This is also known as Dual Pricing.


With Surcharging, a small percentage is added to the final total when a customer uses a credit card.  Debit cards will be processed at one low flat fee.  While not Zero fee, surcharging allows the merchant to reduce their overall fees while giving their  customers additional ways to save.