TexPaid support will be completely unavailable from June the 17th through the 27th. We will be completely off the grid, backpacking in New Mexico.  However, help is just a call away.  Please see the following list of our partners and their contact information.

Just need paper?  Click here to order.

Secure Bancard - 855-271-1500

Dejavoo/iPOSpays - 877-358-6797

Electronic Payments - 800-966-5520

CardConnect/Cardpointe - 877-828-0720

PayBright - 984-272-2568

Liquid Payments - 833-572-6682

NMI - 847-352-4850

Clover - 844-864-5449

Moolah - 800-625-1670

My good friend and industry colleague Adrian-Paul Osbourne can also be of assistance in an emergency. His number is 713-737-5696.

Thank you in advance for your patience while we are on this once in a lifetime adventure!